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Inversion Table Reviews – Know the Facts:

Before reading our inversion table reviews, please read the following information to understand more about how inversion tables work. They have uses in relieving back pain, improving circulation, improving posture, and can even help you recover from strenuous workouts. Many people have experienced near instantaneous results with their inversion table, eliminating much or all of the pain they experience.

Relieve Back Pain:
there are an abundance of causes for back related pain, some of which include weak stomach and back muscles, heavy lifting injuries, exercise injuries, and poor posture. Most of the back pain we experience is caused by the relentless force of gravity working on our bodies at all times. Gravity serves to compress the vertebra in the back while standing. Inversion therapy uses this same force of gravity to decompress and loosen the back by inverting your body. While using an inversion table, the various ligaments, nerve roots, and disks within your back are loosened to release pressure.

One common cause of back pain is known as a “pinched nerve”. Various nerve highways the spine through openings which are located between the vertebrae. If the discs in between the vertebra are fit and healthy, the nerves are unlikely to get pinched.Consistent tension and stress in the back can cause the muscles to spasm, causing not only back pain, but headaches and other related issues as well. Muscles which are tense can reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients which are distributed throughout the body, causing waste products to build up within the muscle structure. By using an inversion table, you can relax the muscles and allow for increased blood flow as well as depressurization.

As an added bonus, inversion therapy can help you to achieve good posture. Inversion therapy pulls the spine in the opposite direction, thus realigning it and helping you to assume a proper spinal curve.

Caring For Spinal Discs:
The discs in between your back vertebra served to create flexibility and absorb shock. They also serve to cushion the nerve roots which protrude out of the openings between the vertebrae. When the discs are damaged and suffer from long-term wear, they are not able to maintain the proper distance between the vertebrae. This can cause pain as well as nerve root pressure.

Whenever you engage in any weight-bearing activities such as exercising or standing, fluid is pushed out of your discs whereupon it enters surrounding tissue. This can be easily tested by noting your height in the morning as opposed to your height in the evening. You should notice that your height is shorter in the evening time due to the loss of disk fluid. During sleep, this fluid is absorbed back into the discs, increasing their height and cushioning ability. However, over the course of your lifetime your overall height will decrease, as not all fluid is reabsorbed. The use of an inversion table is essential in relieving full pressure from the back, as even the act of sleeping still leaves 25% pressure on your back. If you can manage to invert at 60°, you will be able to release 100% of the pressure from your back. It is not necessary to invert the full 90° in order to negate all pressure.

Improve Circulation:
Inversion tables can improve circulation without the need for strenuous exercise. Many types of workouts may be performed while inverted, such as situps and crunches. By performing these workouts upside down, they can be done without unnecessary stress loads on the spine. By inverting on a regular basis, flexibility of the spine and joints can be maintained, thus hydrating the discs. Extra blood flow to the brain, head and shoulders forces the heart to work slightly harder, giving you a mild cardiovascular exercise.

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